Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mabels is an extensive resource for all the needs of those aged 50 and over

Its aim is to help the older person maintain the activities of their younger years and also bring back those nostalgic memories of the same bygone times. The site has been extended over time to ultimately be the one-stop resource for all your over 50 needs that helps you make the most out of life.

There are so many fantastic web sites out there, the problem is finding them quickly without wasting valuable time having to search all over the place. We have, therefore, extensively researched hundreds of sites over a very long period to bring you some of the best for immediate access. Both specialist and general needs have been catered for as well as offering product choices.

Included are details of the benefits for the elderly, explained in an easy to understand manner. Pension & finance advice, health & wellbeing and information on mobility. Helpful organisations, are listed along with articles of interest, travel offers and leisure. Nostalgic memories & original gifts, aimed particularly for the over 50s age group. Despite not yet being in this age bracket we found it a fascinating resource and could imagine how helpful it would be not only to the over 50s but any one with an older person in their life. We were able to rapidly answer a query for an elderly relative and locate a perfect anniversary gift in minutes.

Mabels has been designed to be an easy to use 'no frills' site with large font and ease of navigation to take you to your area of interest as quickly as possible.
So, be able, visit Mabels at www.mabels.org.uk


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